Monday, January 10, 2011

Meet Moses!

Hello every one!!

Am moses from uganda. I live in Kyenjojo. I school at Kyenjojo S.S, it is some kiomtetres away from home to school. I can give out a beat of explaination about our education process. here it goes: our education consists of 3 levels of education namely nersary, primary and secondary also consist of two levels that is o-level (ordinary level), A-level (Advanced level). So am in my last year of A-level. Ya!! Education goes on well and I love it so much even to other things I would wish to be an ingeneer, or a physitian and probably am setting my target to these two (ingeneer, physitian).

When I was young my dad used to narate me stories about great success jobs he could even inspire me especially when he could talk about ingeneering and physiology. So my minds turned up to focuss on these. In fact how I hope in minds is to be a great successful man in life.

So in my Education I fase the following challenges it is far from home to school and even I go walking some times I end up missing leasons because of coming late at school, school views like fees yes I pay but my Dad doesn’t meet them in required time so they some times am sent me from school as well as missing leasons.

My family consist of Dad, mum, I have two brothers and two cousin brothers, I also have three sisters.

Oh I fill unique because am in line with education I just find my self feeling in every level of education and hope is in me that though am in this struggle at one time I will fulfill my achievements and goals.

Though am at Kyenjojo, I don’t fill confutable cause the school does not meet all requirements of education & I could also wish to join good schools but school fees. In fact when I was in my last year of o-level I wished to joing a certain school known as Rubiri high school but the barrier was school fees.

So in life I would like to fulfill the following goals! becoming a great physitian, study and master the world and its “contents” , flying to different parts of the world and study different cultures, learning different languages. Because softer I know English and my local language two languages are not enough for me in life.

In case you wish to E-mail me is my E-mail adress people!! –


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