Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pictures from last year #1

Happy New Year! I'm having trouble comprehending where the time went... I've been in Uganda for nearly a year. It seems a blur...
Here are some pictures that I meant to post, oh, 6 months ago? I think a few may have been included in my slideshow when I went back to the states... I've scoured my blog, and I can't seem to find them in another post. If this is the second time you're seeing them, no worries... I've got about a thousand more from my school vacation these last two months that are on their way.

Workers hand-digging a 1-foot wide, 3-foot deep trench extending from Fort Portal all the way to Kampala (Nearly 300km! DUG BY HAND!!). A fiber-optic cable will buried there providing 3G network (faster internet) to the rural areas out here.
The most beautiful resort I have seen in Uganda. This is located just outside Fort Portal. It sits on the ridge overlooking the Rwenzoris and two crater lakes on one side and the rolling hills and tea plantations in the direction of my home (60km away) in the other. The swimming pool costs $20 US every day, so I won't even venture a guess what the rooms run.
Kids having fun around my town.
I love their eyes.
My car taxi broke down on the way back from Kampala. We stopped in front of this family's home, and I carried on with them for nearly an hour before I was given a ride the rest of the way to Kyenjojo. I was originally pissed off about the breakdown, but after spending time with a family full of happy children, angelic in contrast to those living on my compound, I was actually in great spirits by the time I left.
A tree filled with weaver-bird nests. Loud little guys.
Sunset on the way home. Heading West on Fort Portal Highway.
This is Andrew. He helps me dig. He tells me why I suck at digging. And he is happy to continue to hang out with me even though I am likely the shittiest digger in the area. He's a very bright boy (despite his choice in friends) who wishes to be a soldier or a doctor.
Arwen: making me feel like a freak.
Hey! A monkey!
The group at a training just after I got back from the states. I was in a sad-state saying goodbye to Michelle, family and friends again, but I immediately went to KLA for this in-service training and was greeted with smiling faces and open arms. Gotta love Peace Corps friends.
Sunset from my back window.
A town traffic jam.
Charlene Brian and I.
Playing around on a hill outside Fort Portal.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Meet Ivan!

Hey every one!

Am Muhumuja Ivan from Uganda. Am 17 years of age, born on 14th June, 1993, I live in one Ugandan district called Kyenjojo found in the western part. I stay with my grandmother at times when am not with my dad and mom, but all in all my family is based in kyenjojo. I have four sisters i.e. Irene, Lucky, Lonah and Bridget. Am the second and am the only boy. Our first born is Bridget. I and Irene, we share the same mum and dad but other’s we only share the dad. Our dad is called charlie and mum is called Agnes, my dad is a business man dealing in the selling of fruits, vegetables and others at the same time a manager of a small non government organisation dealing in giving out loans & other financie. He does all this from Kampala and its where my mu7m is. In the previous years she was working but now she is not due to some uncertainties.

In Uganda’s education we have seven years of primary, and six years of secondary where the four years are for Ordinary level (O’level) and two years for advanced level (“A” level). After those you join the University. Per now am on the last year of Advanced level (“A” level) which I will accomplish in 2011 around December. I accomplished y Ordinary level from Kasubi Parents S.S. in Kampala 1a, then I moved to Kyenjojo for my Advanced level, reasons being my dad wanted me to study from a nearby home disctrict school so as my relatives could visit me more often because he is so busy another reason could be because Kampala schools are more expensive yet he is paying for three of us. Education in Uganda is good although there are some hardships that we encounter. Like, our parents do not normally pay our fees in time and its not that we get all the school requirements in full from our parents, at times they fail to make them which affects our studies. The most big problem we students encounter is that after our Advanced level, parents usually fail to pay the university fees because its so high. I would lke to be an Engineer in the future and attain a masters in engineering. I was mostly inspired by my Uncle and other engineers that I see, also my master Devon. Am specialising in physics mathematics, economic and entrepeneurship. I hope to suceed because my teachers are good and caring especially master Devon.

My hobbies
- Hanging out with friends
- Listening to slow music
- watching football
- watching movies
- Reading books/novels

I always drream of visiting outside countries like America because I want to explore the world and learn more about other people. I hope to achieve this through learning so hard and getting friends from outside Uganda like you.

Generally life in Uganda is good because of the climate and peace, on the other hand bad because we lack some things like good medical care (in remote areas), good schools and other things. I would prefer to travel outside and explore not living in Uganda forever.

Hope to hear from everyone especially you! Am at


**NOTE FROM DEVON** - Ivan was recognized as the number one student at Kyenjojo S.S. for the 2010 school year!!! RIGHT ON!!

Oh. I cannot let this go: He also, ahem, fell in love... with my sister Catherine after seeing a photo of her after my trip to the US. Since then, rarely a day goes by when I do not get a question such as, "So Master*, how is Catherine?" to which I reply, "Ivan, niingenda kukuteera!!!" (I'm going to BEAT you!!) He did finally wear me down, however, and I agreed to the marriage under the following conditions: (1.) He achieves a Masters in Engineering as well as an MBA (2.) He has at least 500 head of cattle at his estate. After sighing and moaning about the impossibility of these requirements he recovered slightly and asked, "What then Master?" To this I replied: "Well, then it is completely up to Her if she wants to marry you!"

*I just want to assure everyone that the way my kids refer to me (i.e. "Master") is not some component of a crazed power trip. It is, in fact, how students address their male teachers here in Uganda, at least in theory because we are "masters" of our subjects (PSHHH!). I've tried to break them of the habit, but, "EH!!! I have failed..."

Meet Mugisa!

Mugisa Muntu

I was borne on 19th January 1992 in Kyenjojo. I live with my father and mother in Kyenjojo, in Uganda.

The subjects I offer are Physics, maths, economics and entrepreneurship education. I want to become an engineer in future and another option which I have is becoming an accountant.
I like music especially wrapp music, watching films, reading books, and watching football. I hate racism and I love discussing with friends.

I am doing well in my education but I have problems which I have to overcome and the major one is school fees cause I would have been in a better school than Kyenjojo S.S.

**NOTE FROM DEVON** - Mugisa was out of class on the day this assignment was discussed/assigned, and by pure bad luck also missed the day we took photos for posting (resulting in the pixel-sized pic). While everyone else was allowed one rough draft and one final draft, Mugisa had to write up a paragraph about himself on the spot, and I think he felt a bit rushed... hence the brevity. He is incredibly bright, and if I could predict his future solely by his handwriting I would shout with the the authority of THE Sorting Hat: "DOCTOR!!!"

Monday, January 10, 2011

Meet Leonard!


Am Barinda Leonard -R- from Uganda, a student in form six sciences in A’level according to the education system of Uganda which comprises of primary and secondary sections where in the secondary section there is Ordinary level of four years and Advanced level of two years and I am in that final year dreaming about the college ahead of me.

I succeeded in accomplishing primary level with a first grade, and again persued a first grade division one from Ordinary level. I have faced a lot of challenges as me personally resulting from the financial breakdown of my family. I had hopes to again continue studying from Kampala in my A’level but I failed just because of the tuition problem and the standards of living as I had to create a room for my little brothers and sisters to also have some standard education which I respect and that is from the city of Kampala. I had to join Kyenjojo Secondary School where I had to struggle with at least two kilometres from school every evening as well as two km in the morning at about 6:00 am to reach in class before 7:00 am as just because I am the head prefect where I will have to first organize the prefectorial body will perform it’s task that day.

As me personally, my father is called Byamhanga Kamili and my Mom, Kabahuma Leonida Elin, I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters and the youngest being a girl. I love Uganda personally and that I had even to join a patriotic club at school that we even had a work camp to be told how it goes about as someone is a patriot.

I have some hobbies I hold love;

- Football
- Swimming
- Hanging out with friends
- Being at the beach
- Traveling and discovering new ideas

I love reading novels and knowing more about the planet. However with all these adventures activities I chose to struggle so hard to be a big scientist and mostly an engineer where I will need to set up big investments and new inventions just from my brain, what always inspire me most is the great scientists who made themselves names as like we keep on remembering them.

I also like learning alot about other languages for the reason being that I need to communicate to everyone if possible just because I feel always down when am out of the discussion of two or more people just because of the language.

Please I just feel I have a lot to share with everyone so just mail me and advise me or assist me in any way possible as per the direction of my dreams and careers.

I like everyone out there!!!!

My mail addresses are;


Meet Moses!

Hello every one!!

Am moses from uganda. I live in Kyenjojo. I school at Kyenjojo S.S, it is some kiomtetres away from home to school. I can give out a beat of explaination about our education process. here it goes: our education consists of 3 levels of education namely nersary, primary and secondary also consist of two levels that is o-level (ordinary level), A-level (Advanced level). So am in my last year of A-level. Ya!! Education goes on well and I love it so much even to other things I would wish to be an ingeneer, or a physitian and probably am setting my target to these two (ingeneer, physitian).

When I was young my dad used to narate me stories about great success jobs he could even inspire me especially when he could talk about ingeneering and physiology. So my minds turned up to focuss on these. In fact how I hope in minds is to be a great successful man in life.

So in my Education I fase the following challenges it is far from home to school and even I go walking some times I end up missing leasons because of coming late at school, school views like fees yes I pay but my Dad doesn’t meet them in required time so they some times am sent me from school as well as missing leasons.

My family consist of Dad, mum, I have two brothers and two cousin brothers, I also have three sisters.

Oh I fill unique because am in line with education I just find my self feeling in every level of education and hope is in me that though am in this struggle at one time I will fulfill my achievements and goals.

Though am at Kyenjojo, I don’t fill confutable cause the school does not meet all requirements of education & I could also wish to join good schools but school fees. In fact when I was in my last year of o-level I wished to joing a certain school known as Rubiri high school but the barrier was school fees.

So in life I would like to fulfill the following goals! becoming a great physitian, study and master the world and its “contents” , flying to different parts of the world and study different cultures, learning different languages. Because softer I know English and my local language two languages are not enough for me in life.

In case you wish to E-mail me is my E-mail adress people!! –