Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cannibals? Cannibals.


I'm working in the computer lab when, for the thirtieth time that day (no exaggeration), kids begin jangling the lock on the door.

(a few seconds)
(a few more seconds)

I storm from my seat. I'm trying to lesson plan and put together notes for my kids.

I'm going to beat someone.

"Sir, we want to come in."
"YES! I know that! Because you were breaking down my door announcing your intent!"
"What sir?"

And then I notice it. In one of the boys' left ears, a huge flowered earing, pink, yellow and zirconium rhinestones shimmering in the sun.

"Why are you wearing an earing?" (normally, I don't give a damn about dress-code infractions as long as kids are learning... but I'm annoyed.)

"Sir, there are cannibals in my village. When I wear this, it keeps them from eating me."

I've got NOTHING. NOTHING to reply to this.

My American reaction? BS.

My PCV-Uganda reaction? Superstitious, yes. But potentially not far off mark.

I think back to a recent email exchange from a few members of my group.

And I quote...

"When you went to the sandwich analogy my thoughts immediately turned to some sort of cannibalism. But cannibalism is ridiculous! This is a modern society. There hasn't been any cases of cannibalism that I know of in my village since earlier this week when they found a man filleted next to the ashes of a cooking fire." Credit: Smiles

Cannibals? CANNIBALS?!


Gnarly with a capital G.

Snapping out of it, I return to the student.

"I must ask: are there cannibals at this school?"
"No sir."
"Then get the flower out of your ear."
"Yes sir... can we come in sir?"
"Come in."

I return to my work and think of the excuse I'll need to explain the fact that I've had a 12 gauge hole through my tongue for the last 10-going-on-11 years. First thought: "Serial Killer Clowns".

Suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for reading!

I love you all (But especially you, Michelle!),