Sunday, January 10, 2010

T-minus 1 month!

Hello Family, Friends and Random Net-Stumblers, and welcome to my second (?!) blog! Whereas the first documented my Seattle Adventures, this page serves as the PG-13 version of a “best-of” diary… one documenting my time as a Peace Corps math teacher and teacher trainer in Uganda. In it, I will discuss the new nouns (NOT "nuns") in my life along with some of the emotions I've been feeling. *Most importantly*, I’ll post pictures of my new home and wherever I may roam.

Emotionally speaking, I like to think that I am holding it together quite well (likely because the full reality of what I am about to experience has yet to fully take a swing at my face). That is not to say that it hasn’t tried: while in Roanoke this November, I had a string of about 6 sleepless nights where all I could think about were the possibilities that lay ahead. The “how’s it gonna be?”-s and “what if”-s were taking a toll, so in an attempt to prevent me from fully losing it, my brain erected a mental block that has allowed me to remain focused on packing and researching (teaching and Uganda) until an unspecified later date. Still, I have my low moments, but Michelle’s beautiful calm and positive support mixed with Zach’s ever present panting-“that’s my FAVORITE!!!”-toothy grin have done wonders for my mental state (Dad and Cat, he says “hi!” by the way).

A quick update on my schedule for the next month:

(Around) January 26th: depart for VA

See everyone that I possibly can!

February 9th: depart for Philly in the morning.

Staging begins at 12:30 PM on the 9th.

February 10th: Depart from JFK to Africa

So here it is, post #1. I’ll post as often as I can, but keep in mind that internet is not nearly as common there as it is here. From what I have seen on most PCV blogs, four or so posts a month is pretty average.

Thank you for your support! I LOVE YOU ALL!