Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Meet Mugisa!

Mugisa Muntu

I was borne on 19th January 1992 in Kyenjojo. I live with my father and mother in Kyenjojo, in Uganda.

The subjects I offer are Physics, maths, economics and entrepreneurship education. I want to become an engineer in future and another option which I have is becoming an accountant.
I like music especially wrapp music, watching films, reading books, and watching football. I hate racism and I love discussing with friends.

I am doing well in my education but I have problems which I have to overcome and the major one is school fees cause I would have been in a better school than Kyenjojo S.S.

**NOTE FROM DEVON** - Mugisa was out of class on the day this assignment was discussed/assigned, and by pure bad luck also missed the day we took photos for posting (resulting in the pixel-sized pic). While everyone else was allowed one rough draft and one final draft, Mugisa had to write up a paragraph about himself on the spot, and I think he felt a bit rushed... hence the brevity. He is incredibly bright, and if I could predict his future solely by his handwriting I would shout with the the authority of THE Sorting Hat: "DOCTOR!!!"

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