Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Meet Ivan!

Hey every one!

Am Muhumuja Ivan from Uganda. Am 17 years of age, born on 14th June, 1993, I live in one Ugandan district called Kyenjojo found in the western part. I stay with my grandmother at times when am not with my dad and mom, but all in all my family is based in kyenjojo. I have four sisters i.e. Irene, Lucky, Lonah and Bridget. Am the second and am the only boy. Our first born is Bridget. I and Irene, we share the same mum and dad but other’s we only share the dad. Our dad is called charlie and mum is called Agnes, my dad is a business man dealing in the selling of fruits, vegetables and others at the same time a manager of a small non government organisation dealing in giving out loans & other financie. He does all this from Kampala and its where my mu7m is. In the previous years she was working but now she is not due to some uncertainties.

In Uganda’s education we have seven years of primary, and six years of secondary where the four years are for Ordinary level (O’level) and two years for advanced level (“A” level). After those you join the University. Per now am on the last year of Advanced level (“A” level) which I will accomplish in 2011 around December. I accomplished y Ordinary level from Kasubi Parents S.S. in Kampala 1a, then I moved to Kyenjojo for my Advanced level, reasons being my dad wanted me to study from a nearby home disctrict school so as my relatives could visit me more often because he is so busy another reason could be because Kampala schools are more expensive yet he is paying for three of us. Education in Uganda is good although there are some hardships that we encounter. Like, our parents do not normally pay our fees in time and its not that we get all the school requirements in full from our parents, at times they fail to make them which affects our studies. The most big problem we students encounter is that after our Advanced level, parents usually fail to pay the university fees because its so high. I would lke to be an Engineer in the future and attain a masters in engineering. I was mostly inspired by my Uncle and other engineers that I see, also my master Devon. Am specialising in physics mathematics, economic and entrepeneurship. I hope to suceed because my teachers are good and caring especially master Devon.

My hobbies
- Hanging out with friends
- Listening to slow music
- watching football
- watching movies
- Reading books/novels

I always drream of visiting outside countries like America because I want to explore the world and learn more about other people. I hope to achieve this through learning so hard and getting friends from outside Uganda like you.

Generally life in Uganda is good because of the climate and peace, on the other hand bad because we lack some things like good medical care (in remote areas), good schools and other things. I would prefer to travel outside and explore not living in Uganda forever.

Hope to hear from everyone especially you! Am at Mivanutah@gmail.com


**NOTE FROM DEVON** - Ivan was recognized as the number one student at Kyenjojo S.S. for the 2010 school year!!! RIGHT ON!!

Oh. I cannot let this go: He also, ahem, fell in love... with my sister Catherine after seeing a photo of her after my trip to the US. Since then, rarely a day goes by when I do not get a question such as, "So Master*, how is Catherine?" to which I reply, "Ivan, niingenda kukuteera!!!" (I'm going to BEAT you!!) He did finally wear me down, however, and I agreed to the marriage under the following conditions: (1.) He achieves a Masters in Engineering as well as an MBA (2.) He has at least 500 head of cattle at his estate. After sighing and moaning about the impossibility of these requirements he recovered slightly and asked, "What then Master?" To this I replied: "Well, then it is completely up to Her if she wants to marry you!"

*I just want to assure everyone that the way my kids refer to me (i.e. "Master") is not some component of a crazed power trip. It is, in fact, how students address their male teachers here in Uganda, at least in theory because we are "masters" of our subjects (PSHHH!). I've tried to break them of the habit, but, "EH!!! I have failed..."

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