Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pictures from last year #1

Happy New Year! I'm having trouble comprehending where the time went... I've been in Uganda for nearly a year. It seems a blur...
Here are some pictures that I meant to post, oh, 6 months ago? I think a few may have been included in my slideshow when I went back to the states... I've scoured my blog, and I can't seem to find them in another post. If this is the second time you're seeing them, no worries... I've got about a thousand more from my school vacation these last two months that are on their way.

Workers hand-digging a 1-foot wide, 3-foot deep trench extending from Fort Portal all the way to Kampala (Nearly 300km! DUG BY HAND!!). A fiber-optic cable will buried there providing 3G network (faster internet) to the rural areas out here.
The most beautiful resort I have seen in Uganda. This is located just outside Fort Portal. It sits on the ridge overlooking the Rwenzoris and two crater lakes on one side and the rolling hills and tea plantations in the direction of my home (60km away) in the other. The swimming pool costs $20 US every day, so I won't even venture a guess what the rooms run.
Kids having fun around my town.
I love their eyes.
My car taxi broke down on the way back from Kampala. We stopped in front of this family's home, and I carried on with them for nearly an hour before I was given a ride the rest of the way to Kyenjojo. I was originally pissed off about the breakdown, but after spending time with a family full of happy children, angelic in contrast to those living on my compound, I was actually in great spirits by the time I left.
A tree filled with weaver-bird nests. Loud little guys.
Sunset on the way home. Heading West on Fort Portal Highway.
This is Andrew. He helps me dig. He tells me why I suck at digging. And he is happy to continue to hang out with me even though I am likely the shittiest digger in the area. He's a very bright boy (despite his choice in friends) who wishes to be a soldier or a doctor.
Arwen: making me feel like a freak.
Hey! A monkey!
The group at a training just after I got back from the states. I was in a sad-state saying goodbye to Michelle, family and friends again, but I immediately went to KLA for this in-service training and was greeted with smiling faces and open arms. Gotta love Peace Corps friends.
Sunset from my back window.
A town traffic jam.
Charlene Brian and I.
Playing around on a hill outside Fort Portal.

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