Monday, January 10, 2011

Meet Leonard!


Am Barinda Leonard -R- from Uganda, a student in form six sciences in A’level according to the education system of Uganda which comprises of primary and secondary sections where in the secondary section there is Ordinary level of four years and Advanced level of two years and I am in that final year dreaming about the college ahead of me.

I succeeded in accomplishing primary level with a first grade, and again persued a first grade division one from Ordinary level. I have faced a lot of challenges as me personally resulting from the financial breakdown of my family. I had hopes to again continue studying from Kampala in my A’level but I failed just because of the tuition problem and the standards of living as I had to create a room for my little brothers and sisters to also have some standard education which I respect and that is from the city of Kampala. I had to join Kyenjojo Secondary School where I had to struggle with at least two kilometres from school every evening as well as two km in the morning at about 6:00 am to reach in class before 7:00 am as just because I am the head prefect where I will have to first organize the prefectorial body will perform it’s task that day.

As me personally, my father is called Byamhanga Kamili and my Mom, Kabahuma Leonida Elin, I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters and the youngest being a girl. I love Uganda personally and that I had even to join a patriotic club at school that we even had a work camp to be told how it goes about as someone is a patriot.

I have some hobbies I hold love;

- Football
- Swimming
- Hanging out with friends
- Being at the beach
- Traveling and discovering new ideas

I love reading novels and knowing more about the planet. However with all these adventures activities I chose to struggle so hard to be a big scientist and mostly an engineer where I will need to set up big investments and new inventions just from my brain, what always inspire me most is the great scientists who made themselves names as like we keep on remembering them.

I also like learning alot about other languages for the reason being that I need to communicate to everyone if possible just because I feel always down when am out of the discussion of two or more people just because of the language.

Please I just feel I have a lot to share with everyone so just mail me and advise me or assist me in any way possible as per the direction of my dreams and careers.

I like everyone out there!!!!

My mail addresses are;


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