Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An outsiders view of my world:

A few weeks ago, I was sitting on the steps of a hotel near my house (I actually just moved to that hotel, but that is a different story), hanging out with some new friends from Germany who were 6 months into their From-Germany-to-Capetown-South-Africa-on-Dirt-Bikes trip, when a man road up on a LOADED touring cycle. Long story short, he needed a place to stay so I offered him the floor of my home. Before leaving the next morning, he gave me his card showing his website where he posts about various bike tours he has finished or is planning. This morning, I got around to checking the site, and I found his post about his stay at my place... I've pasted his entry below, as I think it gives a taste of what a true outsider to Uganda might feel visiting.

"At around 4pm I arrived in town after 80km of sweating my nuts off, I found a hotel where a couple of white people where drinking coffee, good start I thought!, So I ordered a beer and asked about a room, after a 15 minute wait i was informed that the hotel was full....strange. About this time 2 of the 3 people got on their motorbikes and headed off, so I asked the other guy if he had a tip for a hotel in town, the options where, cheap and nasty or a $50 hotel. Devon then offered some floor space at his house though warned me that it wasn't much.

If I'd walking into Devons house a year ago I would of walked straight back out, he's living as a local for the " peace corps" for 2 years here and his house is 2 small concrete rooms with noisy neighbours. But for 1 night this became my Oasis for rest and relaxation. After 5 dusty, thirsty days living on rice and self made bread, it was great to have some company, cold beer and some home cooking (he knows where to get the fresh vegi's from at the market). And best of all the " shower" , a 10 litre jerry can hanging on the wall is not what I'd usally call a shower, but I was so filthy, dusty and sweaty that it was probibly one of the best showers I've ever had:)

Thanks Devon for a great evening!!"

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